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Artist Statement

Echoes & Artifacts; music and art.

Fronted by singer-songwriter, guitarist and multi-media artist Allyson Makuch (Māhk-ukh), and accompanied by guitarist and arranger Rory Cloud (Clow-d).

Echoes & Artifacts are songs that dig deep and like to play in the dark. They are sonic landscapes. They are dances with words and musical counterpoint. They are vessels that carry stories. They are both physical and experienced.

Echoes & Artifacts are dances with light and shadow. They are ways of seeing. They are images that linger and hold meaning over time. They are alone until they are witnessed. They are places viewed through the mind’s eye, manifested through imagery and sound.

Echoes & Artifacts is a team of artists aspiring to grow and share our our creative passions. We are fierce advocates for the well-being of all and the social justice required to get there. We are world builders in our hearts and this project is one way we are choosing to share those visions with the world.

We hope you enjoy what we do.

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